Who We Are


The purpose of the Association is to promote ideas and practices, through cooperative endeavors among public and private colleges and universities in the State of Florida, that would improve the quality of performance of professional school personnel. The Association is an affiliate of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education.  The Association focuses on state and national issues related to education and its professional practice.


  • To provide member institutions with the means for continuous exchange of ideas, information, and experiences affecting teacher education and the performance of professional educators in the field.
  • To assist and cooperate with administrators of institutions preparing teachers, district school boards, and professional associations in their leadership roles to improve preservice and inservice programs for teachers.
  • To stimulate experimentation and research in the broad field of teacher education and    to disseminate information and reports that have significance for the improvement of professional educators.
  • To represent the professional education of school personnel before all appropriate state agencies, as well as the general population on matters pertaining to the preparation of.teachers and other professionals and paraprofessionals serving in the schools.
  • To propose recommendations, regulations, and legislation pertaining to teacher education to the State Department of Education, the Legislature, and other regulatory and advisory bodies.
  • To affiliate, when deemed desirable to further the objectives of the Association, with regional and national associations of similar purpose.
  • To assist the State Department of Education and accrediting agencies in the evaluation of programs involving the professional education of teachers.
  • To exchange reports, experiences and ideas with educators of professional personnel in other states and countries as a means of strengthening programs in teacher education and to further national and international understanding.
  • To uphold quality teacher-education standards in institutions engaged in the preparation of school personnel.
  • To establish an effective communication system between the national AACTE and the FACTE.
  • To provide a vehicle for teacher education institutions within Florida to assist AACTE in: Developing and defining positions on issues of importance to teacher education; Coalescing support for national policy and activity; and Supporting the programs and activities of the state association.
Florida Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (FACTE) is an affiliate of the American Association of Colleges for Teacher Education (AACTE). The views expressed on this website are the views of FACTE.